It’s been a few months since I last drew anything (like really) so here’s a girl with an eyepatch! You can tell that I kinda gave up by the time I reached the shoes ^^;

I spent waaaay more time on this than I should due to the lack of practice, hence the terrible proportions ^^;





My favorite band is this little group of newts I found under a log in the woods who play tiny trumpets made from hollow reeds and twigs

Oh yea I bet you can’t name 5 of their songs

1. Doot Toot
2. tiny fern
3. do NOT eat mushrooms you just find in the woods
4. broken heart broken trumpet
5. George Costanza is my hero

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Some stuff that I made! First time using flash so it isn’t very good yet ^^;

Thanks to the mentors from Digipen for guiding me through!

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WIP for this concept art thing 

Referenced directly from photo cuz I’m really terrible at realism whelp

Also how do you digital paint

And the last designs that I ever did for the Athena Faculty, putting them up now that my term had ended. Heavy references to the movie used (cuz I  suck at realism ahem).

The ticket design wasn’t used in the end.

(Guess how many balloons there are holding up the house)


Today’s test print #screenprinting

I did a thing. (Also terrible proportions and shading ahem.)